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Registration Fee: All Practitioners - $825.00 (gst included)


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Terms and conditions

Registration Payment:

Acceptance of Workshop Registration will only be confirmed once the Registration Fee has been received in full by the AAI.

Workshop places will be filled and confirmed on a date payment received basis, not on date Registration received basis. Places may be limited, with priority given to paid registrations.

Attendance at a workshop or the provision of Workshop Materials will not be permitted where Registration Fees have not been received.


Workshop attendance:

The AAI will not be held responsible for any participant travel or accommodation expenses in relation to any workshop, whether that workshop has or has not been confirmed.

Workshop Format:

Wednesday/Thursday Introductory Sessions:

Please note that the Wednesday/Thursday Introductory Session will be run ONLINE using the AAI Zoom platform.

Saturday Workshop:

Unless otherwise indicated, the Saturday Workshop is scheduled to be held IN-PERSON.


Workshop Covid-Safe protocols:

Unless otherwise indicated, the Saturday workshop will be conducted in courts operated by Commonwealth or various state authorities.
The Covid protocols relevant to that court will apply, with participants required to scan-in and provide current proof of their vaccination status.


On-line Sessions/Workshops:

The AAI is not responsible for the quality or connection speed of any participant logging-in to an AAI online workshop session.  The AAI will endeavour to provide a stable connection for participants at an online workshop session, but is not responsible for any drop-outs or stoppages in participant/AAI connections. We understand that connections can be variable and will work with participants to maintain or re-establish connections within an online workshop session.

Intentional disconnection by a participant during an online workshop (other than for scheduled session breaks or as directed by AAI) constitutes a cancellation of Registration by that participant.


Workshop Date Confirmation:

All AAI workshop dates are subject to confirmation which is dependent on sufficient registrations being received to warrant the workshop proceeding, regardless of any fully-paid registrations having been received by the AAI. This applies to both AAI online workshops and AAI in-person workshops. The decision to confirm a workshop will be at the discretion of the AAI.  Confirmation will be well in advance of the proposed workshop date and no later than 10 days before the scheduled commencement date. Participants will be advised by email should any date/time variance or cancellation occur.


The AAI will not be held responsible for any participant travel or accommodation expenses in relation to any workshop, whether that workshop has or has not been confirmed.  Please contact the AAI ( should you wish to discuss the confirmation status of any workshop.


Cancellation and Refunds - Cancellation by Registered Participant:

Registered participants who have paid their registration in full may cancel that registration on notification to the AAI no later than 30 days before the workshop commencement date.  A 10% administration fee will be charged on all such cancellations.

Cancellations made between 30 to 15 days before workshop commencement date will be entitled to a refund less 25%.  Cancellations within the period 14 days or less before workshop commencement will be entitled to a refund less 50%.  No refunds are available once a workshop has commenced.

Non-attendance once a workshop has commenced constitutes cancellation by that participant.


The Wednesday online session (or any other scheduled session as advised) constitutes the commencement of the Workshop.

Cancellation and Refunds – Cancellation by AAI:

Should any workshop be canceled by the AAI, a full refund of all Registration Fees will be made, regardless of the proposed commencement date.