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The Advocacy Manual:

Written by Professor George Hampel, Elizabeth Brimer and Randall Kune, is an outstanding work, which will no doubt become the text book of choice for Bar Reading and other courses designed to teach the elements of persuasive advocacy. It is doubtful whether any other Australians are better qualified to write a manual on advocacy than these three authors. At all events, it would be difficult to find three other authors whose experience in teaching advocacy exceeds their combined experience. Professor Hampel was a superb advocate at the Victorian Bar for 25 years, an outstanding trial judge in the Supreme Court of Victoria for 17 years, the foundation chairman of the Australian Advocacy Institute and, since 1970, a teacher of advocacy in Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and Malaysia. Elizabeth Brimer, who has practised in criminal, commercial, administrative, environmental and sports law, has been an instructor in advocacy at Monash University, the Australian Advocacy Institute, the Leo Cussen Institute and the Victorian Bar Readers’ Course. Randall Kune, a member of the Victorian Bar, has been an instructor at the Australian Advocacy Institute since 2002.            Bar News - Summer 2008/2009 - Read more

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