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Here you will find information, links and downloadable files for current AAI workshops and projects.


Last Update 12 March 2018

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Last Update: 22 Feb. 2018

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  • Instructor Training

    Friday 09 & Saturday 10 February 2018 - SYDNEY





    Dear Trainee Instructors


    Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Advocacy Instructor Training Workshop for 2018.


    The following materials are available here as 'pdf' downloads:


    [downloads disabled 13.2.18]


    These are in 'pdf' form… please let me know if you have any problems downloading or opening these files.


    Can you please immediately open the TIMETABLE document.  Here you will find important information regarding the format and your role and preparation for the workshop, as well as details of the tasks that have been set for the "Student Advocates" who have volunteered to present on the day.


    I recommend you familiarise yourself with the "Advocacy Instructor's Handbook", as this will form the basis of the instruction at the workshop.


    Dress code for the training is casual. Refreshments and lunch will be provided on Saturday.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any queries at all regarding the workshop or your roles. I look forward to seeing you at the opening session on Friday evening, commencing at 5pm at the NSWBA meeting rooms.


    Scott Wallace

    AAI General Manager

    phone: 0418 473 303

    email:  aai@advocacy.com.au


    Moderator: Justice Ann Ainslie-WallaceInstructors: Grant Brady SC (Fri), Carolyn Davenport SC, Ian Robertson SCAAI co-ordinator: SW

  • ADF - Military Prosecutions

    Friday 23 & Saturday 24 February 2018 - CANBERRA

    General Trial Advocacy Skills for members of the Military Prosecutions branch of the ADF.



    Case Study    Evelyn Cannon


    Moderators: Craig Smith SC, Carolyn Davenport SC

    AAI Co-Ordinators: SW assisted by A Smith.

  • General Advocacy Skills Workshop

    Friday 23 & Saturday 24 March 2018 - SYDNEY

    Timetable:           v2 14 March [pdf]

    Materials:           Evelyn Cannon [pdf]

                               Porcine [pdf]

                               Middleton v Handy Bros & Blanchard [pdf]


    Instructing:         Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace [Moderator]

                               Judge Felicity Hampel SC

                               Justice Murray Aldridge

                               Judge Dina Yehia

                               Ken Fleming QC

                               Carl Heaton QC

                               Craig Everson SC

                               Nick Marney


  • Advocacy and the Vulnerable Witness

    Saturday 28 April 2018 - SYDNEY

    Details on separate page.

    Go to LINK HERE

  • General Advocacy Skills Workshop - Queensland Law Society

    Friday 20 and Saturday 21 April 2018 - BRISBANE

    Material not yet available.

    Due 11 April 2018.

AAI Advocacy Manual & Instructors Handbook

AAI Case Studies

Articles and Documents

A 'pdf' copy of the 'AAI Handbook for Advocacy Instructors' [2017] is available as a download HERE.


A 'pdf' copy of the AAI Advocacy Manual (First Edition) is available as a download HERE.

Criminal Trials:


DPP v Evelyn Cannon [Sept 2014] (download)

CDPP v Nigel Bland [Aug 2016] (download)

DPP v Telfani [Feb 2016] (download)

DPP v Martin Jackson [Nov 2014] (download)




DPP v Cannon (download)

DPP V Uri Zukov (download)

DPP v Lucia Gonzales (download)

DPP v Phillip Ball (download)




Porcine v Royal Bridgewater Golf Club (download)

Davies v Riverside Grammar(download)

Middleton v Handy Bros (download)

ACCC v Porters Plumbing (download)

Wood v Simpson (download)


Civil Trials:


Martin Jackson v FAA Insurance (download)



Family Trials:


Wilson v Wilson (download)





DPP v Evelyn Cannon [Sept 2014] (download)

Wilson v Wilson (download)



Teaching at Keble Advanced International Advocacy Course, Oxford, UK


In September 2017, AAI Chair Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace and AAI Board Member Craig Smith SC, were invited by the UK Inns of Court College of Advocacy to join the instructing faculty at the annual Advanced International Advocacy Workshop for the UK South Eastern Circuit (i.e London and immediate regions). Another AAI Board Member, Grant Brady SC, also taught at the course as a representative of the Australian ATC.


Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace had previously taught at this course in 2016.


An article subsequently appeared in the South East Circuit newsletter, written by one of the students attending the workshop.  Honourable mentions were included for our instructors. This article can be read by clicking the pic above.

Vulnerable Witness Program 2018

Link to VW Working Group Page