“There is no one correct
way of performing
advocacy, but there are
more effective ways”

Professor George Hampel AM QC

The AAI Advocacy Manual - 2nd Edition

The complete guide to persuasive advocacy.


Professor the Hon George Hampel AM QC,
The Hon Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace, Elizabeth Brimer, Randall Kune


The 2nd edition of the AAI Advocacy Manual is now available.

This second edition is improved by a number of additions.

Developing a case theory is a challenging but critical analytical task for every advocate in every case. The chapter on Preparation has some helpful suggested steps in developing the case theory. There is a new chapter on Expert Evidence which provides a useful conceptual and practical approach to this more difficult part of the advocates work. It provides a guide to conferencing with experts and dealing with their evidence in court. There is a much enlarged chapter on Evidence in Action with special emphasis on the Uniform Evidence Acts. There is a new chapter on Appellate Advocacy which has some important practical guidance for appellate advocates and builds on the chapter on Argument.






    A video "Advocacy in Action" that shows the advocacy principles demonstrated in the Advocacy Manual Case Study can be seen here.

2nd Edition

The AAI Advocacy Manual 2nd Edition

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