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Greetings and welcome to the AAI 2024 workshop year.


The schedule for first half 2024 is now set ...

Please look at the calendar below and, as always, let me know your availability asap.

ONLINE v IN PERSON workshops:

We are now well used to conducting workshops ONLINE.  The platform works and does so effectively. However it is accepted that both the teaching and learning experience IN PERSON remains the far better option.  It is our intention to go 'in person' wherever practical, always recognising the need for Covid awareness ... and be prepared to swing over to online on short notice.


A positive that has emerged from the online program is the benefit of doing the mid-week intro. session earlier ... i.e. Wednesday/Thursday evenings, and online.  We intend to keep this option for workshops with the Saturday online or in person, as it frees up Friday travel and gives the advocates exposure to the program earlier.


However, not all clients are yet ready to go back to in person.
The QLS have indicated they will stay with online for their general skills workshops, partly because it allows attendance from all regional centers and partly through cost.


Cheers ... Scott


2024 Update to the "Handbook for AAI Instructors":

An update is now available. This follows requests to reissue advice on common problems faced by newer trainers that had been previously only been found in the first edition of the AAI Advocacy Manual. Every AAI Trainer, new or old, will benefit from having a common list of points to review on. Email Scott if you would like a copy.


It is with great sadness that we advise of the passing of
Ken Fleming KC.

Ken was a member of the AAI family and well known to many of the AAI faculty as a trainer of great talent, well respected by faculty and students alike. He combined his great experience as an advocate with an ability to reduce complex issues to a form readily understood by those lucky enough to be trained by him. His infectious smile and good humour brought a unique style of training to the AAI for over 20 years.


Ken came to the Bar in 1976. He was appointed Silk 12 years later in 1988.┬áKen was an accomplished criminal advocate, notably securing an acquittal for  Dr Jayant Patel in 2013 on a manslaughter charge.

Between 2000 and 2002 Ken was the Senior Trial Attorney responsible for the prosecution of government ministers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.


Between 2018 and 2021 Ken was the inaugural Independent Commissioner against Corruption in the Northern Territory.


On a more personal note, I first met Ken at the AAI run advocacy program for law students at the Monash Uni. campus at Prato, Italy.  Training with Ken you could see the wealth of his experience and the thoughtfulness he brought to his teaching, and his sense of fun (and i might say mischief) was a source of delight to trainers and students alike. All who trained alongside Ken appreciated his contribution to the professionalism of the faculty.

Ken continued to teach regularly with the AAI until his NT ICAC appointment. He will be fondly remembered and missed by all who had the pleasure of having Ken as a friend."


The Hon Ann Ainslie-Wallace, AAI Chair

Congratulations to
AAI Deputy Chair
Grant Brady SC

Appointed to the bench of
the District Court of NSW, February 2024.


Congratulations to
AAI Trainer
Craig Everson SC

Appointed to the bench of the District Court of NSW, May 2023.

Missed any important news or appointments? ... please let me know.

AAI presentation on Teaching Case Theory to UK and International Advocacy trainers.


AAI Chair, The Hon. Ann Ainslie-Wallace, recently joined Grahame Aldous KC of the ICCA (UK) Advanced Advocacy Training faculty, to lead a discussion and demonstration of current methods in teaching Case Theory as part of an advocacy skills workshop. The presentation was held in London before 40 advocacy trainers from the UK Inns of Court and also streamed live to a further 80+ advocacy trainers, including advocacy trainers from the USA.


The positive reaction to this presentation by the various UK advocacy training groups again reinforces the importance of the AAI's reputation and standing in international advocacy training.


Congratulations to
AAI Trainer
Justice Sarah Huggett

Appointed Chief Judge of the District Court of NSW, April 2024.

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