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I am ALWAYS interested in hearing from you if you wish to be included in the teaching team for any coming workshop. 
Please email me [
aai@advocacy.com.au ] and I will let you know asap if we can include you in arrangements ... Scott.


AAI Vulnerable Witness Workshops ... please be aware that the AAI requires instructors at VW Workshops to have had specific teacher training in that area before teaching.


Pleased to announce that two workshops for NOVEMBER 2020 have been confirmed as ON-LINE workshops.


Instructors wanted for both - General Skills on Saturday 7th Nov 8.45am to 3pm and Qld Law Soc. on Saturday 21st Nov, 8.45 am to 3pm.  Please email me if you are available ... remote teaching on-line from your home or office.


Stay well! ... Scott

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Next Workshop... General Skills online 4, 5, 7 November ... Instructor's Link to Materials


Next Workshop... General Skills online FOR QLS  18, 19, 21 November ... Instructor's Link to Materials

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For those AAI instructors who have undertaken the specialist Teacher Training required for the AAI VW program, here is a link to the VW program materials and videos. [HERE]

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Criminal Trials:


DPP v Evelyn Cannon [2020](download)

DPP v Nigel Bland [2016](download)

DPP v Telfani [2016](download)

DPP v Martin Jackson [2014](download)

DPP v Canning [2011](download)




DPP v Cannon Sentencing Plea [2016] (Conspiracy)(download)

DPP v Uri Zukov [2016] (Theft & false accounting)(download)

DPP v Lucia Gonzales [2015] (Burglary & assault)(download)

DPP v Phillip Ball [2010] (Reckless injury)(download)




Porcine v Royal Bridgewater Golf Club [2014](download)

Davies v Riverside Grammar [2018](download)

Middleton v Handy Bros [2014](download)

ACCC v Porters Plumbing [2006](download)

Wood v Simpson [2018](download)

DPP v Evelyn Cannon (Bail Application) [2010](download)

DPP v Peter Partridge (Bail Application) [2018](download)


Civil Trials:


Martin Jackson v FAA Insurance [2018](download)


Family Trials:


Wilson v Wilson [2018](download)




DPP v Canning (Appeal, QLD) [2012](download)

Bland v Queen (Appeal) [2004](download)

DPP v Evelyn Cannon (Appeal) [2014](download)





DPP v Evelyn Cannon(download)

DPP v Nigel Bland(download)

DPP v Martin Jackson (criminal trial)(download)

ACCC v Porter's Plumbing(download)

DPP v Elmo Telfani(download)

Wilson v Wilson (2015)(download)

Notes on Injunctions(download)

DPP v Fred Ball(download)

DPP v Evelyn Cannon PLEA(download)


Older Case Studies:


General cases:

Antonio Pesci v Commissioner of Police [2010] (Revocation of firearms licence)(download)

ASIC v McLeod [2004] (Carry on business name)(download)

ASIC v Scam & Swindle [2004] (Illegal fundraising, deception and fraud)(download)

Copperfield Vet v Redgrave & Rosen [2005] (Contract of Sale)(download)

DPP v Daniel Jones [2010] (Knowingly supply alcohol)(download)

Frost v Frost v TAC [2004] (Application for leave to bring damages)(download)

Horatio Hazard v Speedy Transport [2014] (Damages following work injury)(download)

Republic Bank v Jack Nelson [2005](download)

Roderick Sun v Friendly Insurance (Civil Trial) [2010](download)

Schmit v TAC [2012](download)



DPP v Wilton-Smith [2012] (Appeal agains conviction - Qld CCA)(download)

R v Vladimir Orlov [2009] (Sentence Appeal)(download)

Patrick O'Connor [2011] (Sentence Appeal)(download)

Ferguson Appeal [2009](download)

Kinersen-Smith & Connor [2009](download)

Long [2009](download)

Tupou [2009](download)



Hood (Application for CPO) [2006](download)

Theobald v Griffiths (Application for extension of time) [2005](download)

Windsor v Marks (Family Law - Relocation of child) [2005](download)

Wood v Chop (Application to stop tree felling) [2008](download)



DPP v Trevor Hayden [2012](download)

DPP v Teller [2010](download)

Lois Lane - Plea in Mitigation [2003](download)

John Thompson [2010](download)

Police v Aritan [2003](download)






The following article appeared in the NSW Bar Association "In Brief" on 06/11/2019


The New South Wales Bar Association is pleased to confirm that 32 members of the NSW Bar will participate this weekend in an Advocacy Skills workshop designed for barristers of 3-5 years seniority. The workshop is a joint initiative of the Bar Association and the Australian Advocacy Institute (AAI). The participants will practise trial techniques and strategies with the assistance of instructors led by the The Hon Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace, Craig Smith SC, Carolyn Davenport SC, His Honour Judge Peter Berman SC and Ian Robertson SC of the South Australian Bar.


This workshop follows on from the Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training Program held on 12 October 2019 where 25 barristers participated in a workshop designed to foster a greater understanding of the fundamental principles behind the approach to, and questioning of, vulnerable witnesses. The NSW Bar is the first independent state Bar to run that program. A separate article about that workshop will appear in an upcoming edition of Bar News. The participants in both workshops are given various advocacy tasks to perform and then receive immediate feedback from experienced instructors with constructive and practical suggestions on ways to improve their advocacy. The teaching method at the workshops is the ‘performance and review’ method. In short, the participant performs an advocacy role, is reviewed usually as to a single technique from that performance and the instructor then demonstrates that technique. Those sessions are complemented by general sessions involving all participants around key advocacy topics including case theory and communication.


We wish the participants well this weekend and thank those that participated so successfully in the Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Workshop. It is anticipated that these advocacy initiatives will be continued in 2020 and beyond with further skills workshops being available to members of the NSW Bar.

Teaching at Keble Advanced International Advocacy Course, Oxford, UK


In September 2017, AAI Chair Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace and AAI Board Member Craig Smith SC, were invited by the UK Inns of Court College of Advocacy to join the instructing faculty at the annual Advanced International Advocacy Workshop for the UK South Eastern Circuit (i.e London and immediate regions). Another AAI Board Member, Grant Brady SC, also taught at the course as a representative of the Australian ATC.


Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace had previously taught at this course in 2016.


An article subsequently appeared in the South East Circuit newsletter, written by one of the students attending the workshop.  Honourable mentions were included for our instructors.


Read article by clicking the pic above.

Workshop Materials for Instructors:


522 ... General Skills on-line 4, 5, 7, November

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