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How the legal profession has reacted to the AAI Advocacy Manual.

“The Australian Advocacy Institute was established to promote this aspect of professional formation. The authors of this manual are to be congratulated in taking the work of the Institute to the next level by its publication. It is a most impressive work. The use of case studies as a means of relating theory to practical knowledge reinforces the practical emphasis of the work.”

“I commend this valuable work to all aspiring legal advocates.”

The Hon Murray Gleeson AC QC,

Former Chief Justice of Australia (from the Foreword)


“The Advocacy Manual... is an outstanding work which will no doubt become the text book of choice for Bar Reading and other courses designed to teach the elements of persuasive advocacy. It is doubtful whether any other Australians are better qualified to write a Manual on advocacy than these three authors. At all events, it would be difficult to find three other authors whose experience in teaching advocacy exceeds their combined experience.”

“The Advocacy Manual teaches the inexperienced advocate the lessons that earlier generations of advocates learned only from years of practice, observation and sometimes humiliating experiences. It would be a mistake, however, to think that the Manual is a work for tyros. Even the most senior and experienced advocates are likely to find that it contains useful tips that are either new to them or that they have forgotten.”

“In 18 concisely written pages, the authors provide illuminating guides concerning the preparation and presentation of a plea in mitigation.”

“..this is a most valuable work that will repay reading and re-reading by even the most experienced advocate. It should be on the shelves in every advocate’s law library. I would not only adopt the statement in the Foreword by the Honourable Murray Gleeson AC QC, one of the greatest advocates that the Australian legal profession has produced, commending “this valuable work to all aspiring legal advocates”, I would also commend it to the experienced legal advocate.”

The Hon. Michael McHugh AC QC,

Former Justice of the High Court of Australia


“This is a very useful, practical guide, and for an endorsement, one need not go beyond then Chief Justice Gleeson’s complimentary foreword. I expect this will become a standard text for those undergoing basic training, or continuing development, in the art of persuasion.”

Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey AC


“The purpose of the Advocacy Manual is to provide ‘..a practical geode to the philosophy, practice and teaching of advocacy.’

“..advocacy can be undermined by bad habits acquired over time and by a failure to observe the simple but important principles expounded in this Manual. A practitioner who absorbs and applies teaching found in this Manual can be confident that he or she will be an effective advocate.”

The Hon. John Doyle AC,

Chief Justice of South Australia


“This is the first book of its kind, of which I am aware, to be published in this country. It describes itself as a ‘manual’, yet it is much more than that. It provides the reader with a guide to the fundamental principles that underlie all litigation including, in particular, the strategic and tactical aspects of the trial process.”

“This user-friendly book is clearly written and beautifully presented. Its value is not confined to providing a guide for those who are just setting out on a career in advocacy. Even the most skilful and experienced advocates will gain something from an occasional reminder that sound technique will reap rich rewards.”

“It belongs on the shelf of every barrister and of every solicitor who aspires to advocacy.”

Mark Weinberg,

Victorian Justice of Appeal


“Whilst the manual is designed to enhance the workshop experience promoted by the Institute is a very effective stand-alone instruction manual providing a wonderful insight into what does and what does not assist in the process of persuasion.”

“The manual also goes beyond topics normally found in books on advocacy to address the emerging fields of written advocacy and advocacy in mediations.”

“The work is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in advocacy. The writing is clear and easy to follow. Whether the reader is new to the field of an old hand the manual has much to offer. It is a very valuable tool and I am happy to recommend it to all legal advocates.”

The Hon. Justice Trevor Riley,

Northern Territory Supreme Court


“To those involved in Advocacy training this manual presents us with an essential and concise, though comprehensive, guide to the practice and teaching of advocacy. This book is the first of its kind in this field... This manual is now being distributed in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and South Africa.”

Sharise Weiner QC,

Chair, South African Bar


“I propose to... recommend the Advocacy Manual as required reading.”

Edwin Glasgow QC,

Former Chairman, British Advocacy Training Council


“I regularly made use of it during our ... Foundation Course for Devils. I found it to be an excellent resource. It became a ‘vade mecum’ for me during the course... It has enhanced my own teaching and I am happy to recommend it to others.”

Pino Di Emidio,

Director of Training and Education, Scottish Faculty of Advocates