The AAI Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training Program

in association with the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

VW Working Group Page

Last Update:  2 March 2018

Important Dates:


DPP VW Workshop                  Saturday 28 April 2018


VW Teacher Training               Wednesday 21 March - 5pm to 7.30pm

                                                 Wednesday 28 March - 5pm to 7.30pm

                                                    Location: DPP training room



Link to UK site                          https://www.icca.ac.uk/advocacy-the-vulnerable


Meeting Notes:                             Tuesday 24 October - Minutes, Working Party meeting

 Tuesday 23 Nov - Minutes of WP meeting

PROGRAM PARTS: (Click filename to open)

VW Web Page:                              Link to AAI Vulnerable Witness Program Web Page

Videos:                                          The videos are now available as part
                                                       of the VW Program #1 webpage:



                                                       or on the video test page HERE



                                                       and then the Program #1 Portal Materials page:

                                                       [password = adv432]



Documents:                                  Final (?) versions of the program documents:

                                                       1. Instructor Training Timetable [pdf]
                                                       2. Participant Workshop Materials [pdf]
                                                       3. Participant Program Handout [pdf]

                                                       4. VW Handbook:

                                                                 Handbook for Moderators [pdf]

                                                                 Handbook for Instructors [pdf]


                                                       Release Forms:

                                                            Performance Release Form