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The Australian Advocacy Institute Excellence in Advocacy

The AAI Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training Program

in association with the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

VW Working Group Page

Last Update: Wednesday 15 Nov - 2.45pm

Important Dates:


DPP VW Workshop                  Saturday 28 April 2018


Next Working Committee

Meeting:                                   TBA


Future meeting dates:               TBA

PROGRAM PARTS: (Click filename to open)

VW Web Page:                              Link to AAI Vulnerable Witness Program Web Page


                                                       1. INTRO VIDEO1. UK Intro script2. Script CS v3. 09.11.173. Script SW v4 09.11.17... [word doc] or  [pdf] 2. The Role of the Court - Judge Girdham1. 3. The Witness Intermediary1. Intermediary Script v12. Intermediary Script v2 12 Nov3. Intermediary Script v3 13 Nov  [word doc]   [pdf] 4. The Researcher1. Bullet points for script2. Researcher Script v1 - 14 Nov  [word doc} 5. Techniques - Grant Brady1. UK techniques script2. UK 20 principles script3. 6. General Page CS Introduction Video1. Script CS v1 14 Nov  [word doc] 

Documents:                                  VW Case Study
                                                            Case Study: Regina v Chris - v 2 -  09.11.17[word doc] or [pdf]

                                                            Case Study: Floor plan and digram - version 1 - 09.11.17 .[pdf]

                                                             Mock Indictment - 10.11.17  [word] ... [pdf]

                                                       Release Forms:

                                                            Performance Release Form



Workshop Timetable:                   Saturday 28 April 2018 Timetable

                                                            1. Draft Workshop Timetable - 18 Oct 2017





Link to UK site                                        https://www.icca.ac.uk/advocacy-the-vulnerable

Meeting Notes:                             Tuesday 24 October - Minutes, Working Party meeting

 Tuesday 23 Nov - Minutes of WP meeting