The Australian Advocacy Institute Excellence in Advocacy

The AAI Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training Program

in association with the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Welcome and thank you for agreeing to participate in this important advocacy program.


Please first take a few minutes to watch this introductory video which will cover many aspects of this program. Following that, please proceed to the information below which covers the program's three stages.

Introduction to the Program
with Craig Smith SC,
Director of Training for the AAI Vulnerable Witness Program


Video length: 7.5 minutes.







The Program

There are three stages in this program, commencing with the release of materials on Monday 21 May, and concluding with the Saturday Workshop on 2nd June.


Please click on headings below...


Stage 1
Pre-workshop: Viewing
Stage 2Workshop Materials bundlePre-workshop: Case Study and SubmissionStage 3
The Vulnerable Witness Workshop
Saturday 2 June 2018
You are required to watch the following four short videos: 1. The Role of the Court and the Vulnerable Witnesses with Her Honour Judge Girdham SC,Judge of the District Court of NSW Video length: 10 minutes.           2. The Role of the Witness Intermediary    with Jane Wolf, Witness Intermediary      Video length: 7.5 minutes.            3. Memory research and factors affecting how we
       adduce evidence from Vulnerable Witnesses

       with Professor Jane Goodman- Delahunty,
       Research Professor, Charles Sturt University
     Video length: 20 minutes.    

   4. The Principles of examining a Vulnerable Witness,with Grant Brady SC, Senior Instructor and Moderator, AAI Video length: 21 minutes.
Stage 2 -   Part 1 ... The Workshop Materials bundle.DOWNLOAD HERE
This pdf file includes the Workshop Timetable and Case Study.
 Part 2 ... Pre-workshop: Submit your Cross-Examination Questions by Wednesday 30 May.Please open the CASE STUDY "Regina v Chris" within the Workshop Materials bundle.Having viewed the videos in Stage 1 and closely read the case study, you are required to prepare your
cross-examination questions for one complainant in that case study. This to be no more than one page.

Please email your cross-examination questions to the AAI at:   aai@advocacy.com.auto be received no later than Wednesday 30 May 2018, one week before you attend the Saturday training workshop.This is a compulsory component of the  workshop program. 
Stage 3 - The Vulnerable Witness WorkshopA one-day practical performance workshop will take place on: Date: Saturday 2 June, 2018Time: 9.00am to 4.00pmLocation: Family Court of Australia, 99 Goulburn Street, Sydney. The workshop TIMETABLE and TASK ALLOCATIONS and CASE STUDY can be found as part of the Vulnerable Witness Workshop Materials bundle available for download in Stage 2. You must complete Stages 1 and 2 before attending the workshop. 


Should you have any questions regarding this program or any aspect of the workshop, please email the AAI at: aai@advocacy.com.au