Below are genuine responses from participants at recent AAI advocacy workshops:


Advocacy for Vulnerable Witnesses - Sydney, August 2019:

"Incredibly helpful - the videos were useful and it was great to have practice of the skills"

"Very helpful about structure and cross"

"Really useful and inciteful. I feel I am much better equipped."

"It is so much more effective doing these practical interactive workshops than hearing about what to do or simply watching someone else"

"Expectations exceeded! Having access to a variety of very experienced trainers from both crown and defence was unexpected. Such a great day!"

"Found it valuable to see other peoples feedback and demonstrations"

"Received lots of practical advice"

"The course was well structured between theory and practical components"

"All of the instructors were informative, interesting and gave constructive feedback"

"The sandwiches were fantastic"

"Excellent presenters. Clear rules and guidance"

"There was much more in terms of preparation knowledge than I had anticipated"

"Enthusiastic and experienced instructors who genuinely wanted to impart knowledge and practical skills"


General Skills in Advocacy - Sydney, July 2019:

"The overview on Friday was helpful. The key points about advocacy were important skills that I hadn't thought about"

"The instructors are very clear"

"Very practical"

"Excellent instructors. Less nervewracking than I anticipated"

"Feedback was practical and personal"

"It was fantastic. More than the feedback, it was most useful to see the instructors demonstrate a good approach"

"I have found seeing good advocacy in action very useful"

"The generosity and kindness of the instructors made the experience very enjoyable"

"An excellent, very useful course"

"The instructors were excellent. They were all clearly very experienced advocates and gave helpful, constructive feedback"

"Really enjoyable learning tasks"


General Skills in Advocacy - Sydney, July 2019:

"Very, very worthwhile"

"The instructors provided valuable practical feedback"

"Excellent tips and advice personalised. Thank you for your wonderful advice and time"

"Excellent pointers"

"Individual feedback and group sessions were so helpful"

"Fantastic and helpful. Excellent panel. Good to have demonstrations from the panel"

"I found the feedback really helpful and non-confrontational"

"Great day of learning"

"I enjoyed the feedback in that it was all genuinely constructive"

"I was very pleased with the level at which we were treated"

"Examples were very useful"

"Brilliant. Amazing. So very useful"

"Hands-on advocacy with constructive, individualised feedback"

"Excellent experienced and real instructors. Really challenging but rewarding"


Advocacy for Vulnerable Witnesses - Brisbane, May 2019:

"I found the discussions and instructions regarding memory very informative and would like to explore that further"

"I learnt far more than just how to prepare more effectively or how to question more effectively"

"I really enjoyed the practical sessions. We never receive feedback on our performances in court"

"I liked the links between the research and question structure"


General Skills in Advocacy - Sydney, March 2019:

"The feedback and demonstrations from the facilitators were very helpful"

"Excellent facilitators. Video feedback is great"

"Amazing. So much knowledge generously given"

"Excellent workshop"

"Really enjoyed the workshop and the instructors were really effective. Thank you all!"

"I really appreciated the tailored advice"

"Very informative and helpful"

"Highly recommended. Amazing opportunity to hear feedback"

"Learning with practical examples is great. The practical tips were great"

"Very challenging but I got an awful lot out of the workshop and I am glad I participated"

"Found very helpful, constructive, useful feedback"

"Feedback was impeccable. Great presenters. Great materials"

"Thank you. I feel much more confident now in appearing in hearings"


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